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10th Nov: After applying JIRA 2162, JIRA 2181 and JIRA 2192 Harmony has the same passing rate on Hibernate tests as RI.

Since the hibernate project are still in progress, I think we can ignore those failed both on RI and Harmony.

I have tried them on windows xp and Redhat Linux Enterprise 4. In 945 tests, error 6, fails 7 and the passing rate is 98.62%. The harmony is on revision 478424 and the hibernate is on 10864. The VM used is IBM J9.


  1. Checkout Hibernate 3 source code from "svn co http://anonsvn.jboss.org/repos/hibernate/trunk/Hibernate3"

  2. Run "ant compile" and "ant compiletest" to compile source codes and testcases.
  3. Add such property: fork = "true" executable="PATH_TO_JAVAC" to javac target in build.xml.
  4. Set JAVA_HOME to Harmony JRE.
  5. Run "ant junitreport" to start tests.

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