JDKTools suite consists of 3 modules:

  1. jpda (aka JDWP Unit)
  2. samsa
  3. tools


The suite regulary runs with Cruise Control for 4 platforms (Windows, Linux) x (x86, x86_64)

Current pass rate is 100%.

How To Run

1. Run with Build & Test Infrastructure

Just run jdktools-test suite within BTI

See Build-test Framework

2. Run in federated build

Make federated build as described in Getting Started For Contributors

in working_jdk directory run:

CLASSPATH=../common_resources/depends/jars/junit_3.8.2/junit.jar ant test

See the report in working_jdktools/build/test_report directory.

Useful properties:

-Dbuild.module=jpda  // to run JDWP unit tests only  // To run single test
-Dexclude.interm=true  // Don't run intermittent tests as CC does
-Dhy.test.vmargs=-Xint  // Run debuggee with interpreter
-Dtest.jre.home=$JAVA_HOME  // Run with arbitrary JRE

3. Standalone run

To run single test without ant in federated bulid working_jdk directory:

java -cp "../common_resources/depends/jars/junit_3.8.2/junit.jar\;./build/tests/classes" org.apache.harmony.jpda.tests.jdwp.Events.VMDeathTest

Useful properties:

-Djpda.settings.debuggeeAgentExtraOptions="trace=PACK+DATA+JVMTI"  // Enable trace for jdwp agent debugging
-Djpda.settings.debuggeeVMExtraOptions="-Xtrace:jvmti.thread"  // Enable DRLVM tracing
-Djpda.settings.debuggeeLaunchKind=manual  // To manually run debuggee VM (E.g. from debugger)

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