This page contains a list of small tasks to help new developers to learn JIT internals and to contribute into further development of the project.

Open Tasks

1. Improve command-line parameters handling

Problem: A lot of Jitrino.OPT algorithms use "magic numbers" or hardcoded parameters. See the example of the code with "magic numbers" in the vm/jitrino/src/dynopt/StaticProfiler.cpp file.

Task: Refactor code to make it accept parameters using the PMF framework.

2. Improve IR logging code

Problem: Jitrino.OPT uses two intermediate representations (IR) to compile methods: High-level IR and Low-level IR. These IRs use the same base package for Control Flow Graph, Nodes, Edges and Insts representation. However, due to historical reasons, the IR logging frameworks are different.

Task: Refactor and consolidate IR printing code for High and Low level IR representations.

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