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JPraher is an Austrian guy interesting in Language and VM Design and is keen on open source infrastructures.

Currently I'm writing my diploma thesis about LLVM and aspect oriented monitoring of system applications.

I've expriences with a whole lot of techologies:

  • linux/bsd/plan9 architecture (elf,ld-linux,...)
  • compiler design
  • virtual machines
  • langauge design
  • type theory (I'm getting into it)
  • ...

currently I've worked with/on

  • gas (gnu assembler)
  • elf format; especially dynamic linking (pic,got,...)
  • gcc/gcj [gimple,new-abi]
  • llvm
  • whole lot of langauges like self,smalltalk,ml,ocaml,lisp,c/c++,java,gnu assembler...

You can drop me a message under jpraher AT yahoo DOT de.

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