1. Move the exiting "user-level" MMTk port to GCV5.

2. Get MMTk Semi-Space, GenMS and CopyMS collector running again. They were broken during migration to latest MMTk source and latest drlvm svn HEAD.

3. Alter DRLVM classloader to force all MMTk classes to be loaded and all methods to be JITed before any java code is executed. Integrate MMTk into an early stage of DRLVM boot.

4. Fix up MMTk/VM porting layer which is located at: drlvm/trunk/vm/MMTki/ext/vm/HarmonyDRLVM/org/apache/HarmonyDRLVM/mm/mmtk.

5. Debug and verify JIT support for MMTk's Uninterruptible class. Run simple multithread app and debug.

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