9th Feb: Current passing rate of Spring 2.0.2 tests on Harmony is 96.01% on windows and 95.75% on Linux.

I have tried them on windows xp and Redhat Linux Enterprise 4. On windows xp, in 5758 tests, 65 failures and 165 errors. On Redhat, in 5758 tests, 78 failures and 167 errors. The VM used is IBM J9.


  1. Download Spring 2.0.2 source code from http://sourceforge.net/project/downloading.php?group_id=73357&use_mirror=jaist&filename=spring-framework-2.0.2-with-dependencies.zip&49481975

  2. Run "ant build" and "ant jars" to compile source codes.
  3. Run "ant buildmaintests" and "ant buildtigertests" to compile testcases.
  4. Set JAVA_HOME to Harmony JRE.
  5. Below customizations are focused on the target of "testsummary":
    1. Remove "depend = buildmaintests" from the "testsummary" target.(Since current Harmony has no rmic.)
    2. Change forkmode="perTest" to junit in order to prevent one test failure leading to another.(Spring tests includes AOP, which means that if the previous loaded class is wrong, it might influence other tests.)
    3. Change the maximum java heap to 512m in the jvm arguments for junit in order not to run out of java heap on Harmony.
  6. Run "ant testsummary" to start tests.

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