Launching Stress Tests

1. There is approximate list of commands that should be executed:

  cd <new folder for bti>
  svn co
  cd infra
  ant -Dtest.suites="stress" install
  ant -Dtest.suites="stress" setup
  ant -Dtest.suites="stress" run

Results could be observed at build/results/stress folder

2. In case of testing virtual machine in different location the following commands can help:

  cd <new folder for bti>
  svn co
  cd infra
  ant -Dtest.suites=stress install
  ant -Dtest.suites=stress setup

Modify file "" in order to set the path to tested vm like:


Start test running

  ant -Dtest.suites=stress run

To launch stress tests without buildtest do the following:

  1. Download required files from a repository.

    svn co
    svn co
  2. Follow instructions from stress/README.txt.

  3. Build and run the tests.

    cd stress/qa && ant update && ant

Also it's useful to keep in mind the following:

  1. On Linux you might want to use ant --noconfig to make additional ant packages work.

  2. On Windows SystemRoot property in this capitalization should be set to /windows or /winnt directories which contain the OS distribution.

  3. You might want to double check that TestedRuntime property at stress/qa/config/cfg_env.xml is set to a path to a java executable you want to test.

  4. You may excluding more tests by adding their IDs to stress/qa/config/exclude.file.

  5. When running as a part of BTI you need to remove build/classes/stress/setup.OK if you want to rebuild the test suite.

Stress Tests TODO


  1. Fix stack walking tests by catching OutOfMemoryErrors properly.

  2. Fix class loading tests by adjusting timeout automatically.


  1. Rename qa/src/test/stress/org/apache/harmony/test/stress/<module>/<submodule>/<test>/<testcase>.xml to src/org/apache/harmony/test/stress/<module>/<submodule>/<testcase>.xml, or even src/<module>/<submodule>/<testcase>.xml. Cannot do this now and cannot be silent about it.

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