Please look through the items mentioned below to determine their validity.

If the issue is not valid, please remove it.
If the issue is valid, please mark it +1.

After this check, we can add up-to-date issues to the README file.

1. Provide complete J2SE 1.5.0 support.
[tpe] +1, including compliance

2. Provide Itanium support.
[tpe] +1, underway and can generalize to wider platform support

3. Improve performance on multi-core processors.
[tpe] +1, always want performance<g>

4. Increase modularity. For example, make the threading functionality a separate module.
[tpe} +1

5. Implement multi-VM support and VM Local storage.
[tpe] +1, includes work in VM and classlib code

6. Code re-factoring of JIT bytecode translator is necessary. The implementation of the prepass phase in the bytecode translator is not optimal due to heavy bug fixing.
[tpe] no opinion, I'm not following this area closely

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