Here I try to summarize what we have discussed about Harmony testing configurations (TestNG) in harmony-dev, and list the problems which we shall solve and make common agreements in community.

Please feel free to edit this page. - Richard Liang

How to handle bootclasspath test

We have agreed that bootclasspath tests and classpath tests should be put into different directories

Reference: How to handle bootclasspath tests

Grouping Harmony Test

We may define Harmony test groups according the following dimensions:

Operating System: os.<os id>

Architecture: arch.<arch id>

Test Type: type.impl

Test Level: level.regression, level.integration, level.stress, etc. (Levels of Test refer to the increase in complexity as moving through test cycle.)

Test State: state.broken, state.broken.[os id].[arch id], state.broken.<vm>.[vm id]

Environment: env.display

VM: vm.<vm id>

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