This page contains a description of day by day progress in achieving 100% pass rate of class library unit tests on DRLVM. The recent state of the problem can be found on the project page.

Day 400

Alexei checked the status of open JIRA issues.

Days 64-66

Salikh found out that HARMONY-2366 [drlvm][unit] deadlocks intermittently is a duplicate of HARMONY-2219 [drlvm][thread] fix Thread.start() waiting to prevent losing interruption. Alexey committed the patch. Alexei verified the fix.
Alexey V committed the fix for HARMONY-2228 [awt] java.awt.AccessibleAWTCheckboxMenuItemTest crashes on DRLVM interpreter.

Egor reviewed the patch for HARMONY-2259 [drlvm][jit][opt] fails on Jitrino.OPT while passes on Jitrino.JET.
Tatiana noticed new intermittent failures, updated an issue HARMONY-2282 [classlib][drlvm][swing] intermittent failures of swing module tests, and create a new HARMONY-2438 [classlib][swing] intermittent failures of swing module tests, once mode. These issues become a real challenge for a resolution provider. Ilya evaluated the patch for HARMONY-1751 Classlib test fails and suggested to close the issue as a non-bug difference.

Vasily started investigation of HARMONY-2338 [classlib][luni] failed intermittently and was discussing it on Harmony. Andrew helped a lot. Tony and Alexey shared opinions.

Days 60-63

George proposed a patch for HARMONY-2259 [drlvm][jit][opt] fails on Jitrino.OPT while passes on Jitrino.JET.
Gregory committed a patch for HARMONY-2220 [drlvm][unit] if DISPLAY is not set javax.swing.AccessibleJButtonTest crashes.
Vladimir set up continuous integration for Linux x86_64.

Day 59

Pavel R fixed HARMONY-2307 [drlvm][security] crashes VM (intermittent). Gregory committed the patch and faced next intermittent issue HARMONY-2386 [drlvm][jit] Crash in Jitrino while running test in HARMONY-2307 many times.
Stepan prosted a patch for HARMONY-1751 Classlib test fails.
Ivan proposed a patch for HARMONY-2228 [awt] java.awt.AccessibleAWTCheckboxMenuItemTest crashes on DRLVM interpreter.
Denis proposed a patch for HARMONY-2353 [classlib][luni] intermittently fails. Alexei verified the patch and filed a new intermittent issue HARMONY-2387 [classlib][luni] intermittently fails.

Alexei Z and Alexei resolved miscommunication about HARMONY-1977 [classlib][nio] Unit test fails on Windows 2003 server.

Day 58

Pavel proposed a patch for HARMONY-2220 [drlvm][unit] if DISPLAY is not set javax.swing.AccessibleJButtonTest crashes.

Nathan added 21 test cases to module/swing.
Alexei Z committed a patch for HARMONY-1977 [classlib][nio] Unit test fails on Windows 2003 server. Alexei verified the fix.

Egor proposed patch beautifications for the patch HARMONY-2261 [drlvm][jit][opt] java.awt.ScrollbarTest fails on Jitrino.OPT while passes on Jitrino.JET. The abscence of a regression test still prevents the patch from being committed.
Elena proposed a new solution for HARMONY-1751 Classlib test fails.
Alexei filed new issues HARMONY-2366 [drlvm][unit] deadlocks intermittently, HARMONY-2367 [drlvm][unit] javax.swing.text.PlainViewI18N_VisualPositionTest intermittently crashes VM.

Day 57

Tatiana verified that HARMONY-2070 [drlvm][thread] Unhandled exception in java.exe while java.util.jar module tests execution is no longer reproducible. Gregory closed the issue.
Alexey P applied the patch for famous HARMONY-1879 [drlvm][unit] fails. Alexei verified that the two issues from four are resolved and described the rest of the problem at HARMONY-2353 [classlib][luni] intermittently fails.
Alexey V reviewed a fix for HARMONY-2261 [drlvm][jit][opt] java.awt.ScrollbarTest fails on Jitrino.OPT while passes on Jitrino.JET.
Paulex reopened HARMONY-2270 [classlib][unit] failes on win XP and reverted non-working test to the previous version.

Ilya suggested that a new patch for HARMONY-1751 Classlib test fails should affect the test only.
George started evaluation of HARMONY-2259 [drlvm][jit][opt] fails on Jitrino.OPT while passes on Jitrino.JET.

Days 54-56

Tony proposed the patch for the issue HARMONY-2270 [classlib][unit] failes on win XP. Paulex committed the patch.
Alexey I proposed a patch for an issue described at HARMONY-2282 [classlib][drlvm][swing] intermittent failures of swing module tests.
Mikhail completed fixing of HARMONY-2284 and committed the fix.Tatiana verified the fix.

Tatiana added more info about intermittent failures of tests for java.nio package to HARMONY-2285 [drlvm] several NIO tests crash on DRLVM.
Alexei filed new issues HARMONY-2337 [classlib][swing] javax.swing.JCheckBoxMenuItemTest failed intermittently as a part of swing module test run, HARMONY-2338 [classlib][luni] failed intermittently, HARMONY-2339 [classlib][nio] failed intermittently as a part of a whole module test run.

Stepan provided a thorough evaluation for the patch for the issue HARMONY-1751 Classlib test fails.
Pavel reproduced the problem described at HARMONY-2220 [drlvm][unit] if DISPLAY is not set javax.swing.AccessibleJButtonTest crashes.

Days 1-53

To make class library unit tests pass on DRLVM the community closed the following issues: 100, 1309, 1483, 1592, 1625, 1648, 1664, 1668, 1669, 1670, 1672, 1674, 1675, 1678, 1679, 1688, 1695, 1720, 1722, 1724, 1739, 1741, 1752, 1766, 1773, 1774, 1775, 1781, 1789, 1823, 1833, 1892, 1895, 1905, 1908, 1909, 1911, 1916, 1931, 1955, 1956, 1969, 1974, 2073, 2100, 2229, 2231, 2272, 2275.

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