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Harmony verifier extension is used to recalculate stack maps of a class after it is instrumented by TPTP.

TPTP Java Profiler Development Environment

The environment is used to debug the extension. For example, it allows writing a class file with a modified stack table down.


  1. MS Windows, Visual C++ 6.0.
  2. Java JDK 1.5, 1.6.
  3. Environment variable: JAVA_HOME=<full path to JDK 1.5 directory>.

  4. JDK header files (jni.h, jvmti.h, and jvmpi.h) are expected to be available under %JAVA_HOME%\include.

Getting the Verifier Extension

cd <Harmony root>
svn co http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/harmony/enhanced/trunk
cd working_vm
svn checkout build.xml vm/vmcore/src/verifier-3363/ vm/vmcore/include/ make/ vm/include/

Compiling the Verifier Extension

  1. Run a command prompt. Include VC6 and ant directories into PATH, INCLUDE, and LIB environment variables.

  2. From <Harmony root>\working_vm invoke ant clean-verifier-ext verifier-ext.

  3. Copy the resulting library <Harmony root>\working_vm\build\windows_x86_msvc_{debug|release}\deploy\lib\verifier-ext.lib to <TPTP root>\org.apache.harmony_vmcore_verifier\lib\windows\{debug|release}\IA-32\verifier.lib.

Getting TPTP Sources

cd <TPTP root>
cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@dev.eclipse.org:/cvsroot/tptp checkout \
  platform/org.eclipse.hyades.probekit platform/org.eclipse.tptp.platform.jvmti.runtime 

Compiling Martini

  1. Open <TPTP root>\org.eclipse.tptp.platform.jvmti.runtime\src-native\build\tptp_martini.dsw.

  2. Select and build the BuildMartini32 project.

  3. Open <TPTP root>\org.eclipse.tptp.platform.jvmti.runtime\src-native\build\tptp_profiler.dsw.

  4. Select and build BuildCGProf32 project.

  5. Select and build BuildJPIAgent32 project.

  6. All profiler binaries are now located (depending on whether you did release or debug build) in org.eclipse.tptp.platform.jvmti.runtime\src-native\bin\windows\{debug|release}\IA-32.

Configuring Profiler Environment

  1. Open a command window and configure Java 6 (Sun or BEA) as the active JVM (no need to set JAVA_HOME).
  2. Add the directory containing profiler binaries to the system path and environment:

set JAVA_PROFILER_HOME=<TPTP root>\org.eclipse.tptp.platform.jvmti.runtime\src-native\bin\windows\{debug|release}\IA-32

Launching a Profiler

  1. [under construction] Extract the attached ProxyClasses.zip into <TPTP root>. This should create the following directory structure: org\eclipse\tptp\martini, and place 3 class files there.

  2. Launch the profiler on the Java2D workload (attached):

java -XX:-FailOverToOldVerifier -cp <TPTP root>\bin -agentlib:JPIBootLoader=JPIAgent:server=standalone,stackmap=true;CGProf java2d.Java2Demo

(Thanks to Asaf, Vasily)

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