The current page is created to gather suggestions on website improvement. Please find some ideas in the table below. For your convenience, the proposed changes are supported with evidence: the majority of them are already righ here. Special thanks to Alexey Ivanov, who helped greatly with editing the site.css file.
Feel free to vote for or against listed suggestions and leave your ideas in the COMMENTS column.






(to increase readability)

1. Switch to sans-serif font as the default.
2. Use Verdana as the first family, since it was designed to be read on-screen whereas Arial looks better when printed and sometimes it becomes hard to read on-screen.

[AI] I think we should also add font-size: small to body rule in site.css to make the default font a little smaller because Verdana looks larger than Times New Roman which was used before.


(to increase visualization and readability)

1. Switch to Italic
2. Reduce too much white space around the note, reduce notetext indentation


Fixed values for the headers and notes font size
(for usability reasons)

If you change the font size in Internet Explorer to largest:View > Text Size > Largest, headers will be much smaller than the body text. Should changed them to relative sizes.

[AI] h2 has font size of 100% set, so that it will have the font of the same size as paragraph text.
And the font size of h3 will be even smaller (95%). I think it should be corrected.


Margin of menu list

Decrease the margin of lists in the menu, so that menu items are closer to their header.


Font of printed pages

Switch to a serif font (for example, Times New Roman). Serif fonts are better for printed reading, while sans-serif ones are used for screen rendering.


Back to Top links

These links stand out too much.
Possible solutions
1.Use smaller font
2.Use other color
3.Use image instead of text

[AI] I vote for smaller font, and possibly black color for these links.


Printable version

Create a printable variant for all site pages + add a special Print icon/symbol to pages.

[AI] I think we should rely on using CSS rules to make the page printable without generating a special printable version of all the pages.

[AI] = Alexey Ivanov

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