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The Harmony developer's bookshelf

Harmony developers are responsible for designing and building a large complex system. Here are a number of books that are kept at people's right hand, covering the skills and reference material relevant to building a production quality runtime environment.

Feel free to add your favorite!


OS programming

memory management / garbage collection

algorithms etc.

  • Warren, H. S. Hacker's Delight. Addison-Wesley Professional. 2002.

Java specific

  • Gordon, Rob. Essential JNI: Java Native Interface. Prentice Hall. 1998.

    • A good text to explain the principles of programming to the JNI, with a handy reference section at the back.

    Oaks, Scott. Java Security. O'Reilly Media, Inc. second edition 2001.

    • This book provides present a overview of the Java security architecture and security classes, in addition to a wealth of detailed information and code examples for specific implementations.

    Bloch, Josh. Effective Java. Prentice Hall. second edition 2008.

    Goetz, B. et al. Java Concurrency in Practice. Addison-Wesley Professional. 2006.

tools etc.

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