HDT Product Experience

This page is intended to collect thoughts about the overall product experience, from a user's point of view, for a mature product. It is hoped this will lead to a shared idealized vision of things like packaging, distribution, scope, and feature set that might guide more practical and concrete development plans. This is intended to be entirely from the user's point of view, without regard to what is realistic, achievable, or proper for us to take on. It's intended to answer the question "What would users really want?"

Many of these ideas might require cooperation, design, and implementation efforts in conjunction with other Hadoop projects. We might expect to provide leadership and some core technology to ensure high commonality.



Feature Set

This list is intended to be broad features that users might expect to be available across components.

In some cases, these duplicate functionality that is or might be provided via the web UI. It's fine to integrate the web UI into HDT, but we should be looking for ways to link more deeply into to Eclipse. Errors in the log, for example, should take us to Java source for classes mentioned, and failing tasks and jobs should lead us to the appropriate step in the appropriate script editor.


Ideally, we would provide optional administration facilities. These would almost certainly duplicate the web interfaces (which they should reuse). The advantages of including with Eclipe are


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