Simple Data Language

Created for HiveMind (as a reponse to the NotXMLProposal). SDL has the elements, attributes, and nesting present in XML, but is geared towards configuration.

See the reference documentation to learn more and see examples. The syntax is heavily streamlined to meet the needs of providing configuration data to applications, and since configuration data is so vital to HiveMind, it makes sense to address that area directly. Having reworked a lot of HiveMind descriptors (including the master descriptors and many unit tests) from XML to SDL I know I can't go back!

The parser (buiilt on JavaCC), takes the place of a SAX event-driven parser (it emits the same events).

DieterBogdoll: How about a tool which can convert from XML to SDL and, more importantly, from SDL to XML?

HowardLewisShip: Feel free :-) Seriously, the basics of this (as Ant tasks) are already in place to support generation of HiveDoc.

DieterBogdoll: Here it is:, both versions form sdl to xml and the other way around.

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