Compiling on AIX

creating an installp package

The latest version 2.2 and 2.4 distributions include a directory ./build/aix with scripts that will create an installp package. This approach expects you to also download and package the APR and APR-UTIL packages in advance. Unfortunately, the build/aix scripts are not yet included in the APR downloads. They are available at and

Also needed : patches to the APR and APR-UTIL config.layout: and


Preparations: see prerequisites below as well. One goal of these scripts is to prevent the need for mixing RPM's from other sources (e.g., perlz and/or AIX Toolbox). Mixing libraries will sometimes break things when updates are applied. In short, as much as possible - "generic" BOS AIX is used. To prevent filename collisions /opt/freeware and /usr/local are not used. Likewise, /usr/lib is not intended as a target directory. (Note: the build/aix scripts check for the existence of zlib include files and setup links in when they are missing in the places where ./configure expects them (e.g., /usr/include) - so that you do not need to install a so-called development RPM. These files are available - just not where configure looks).

The build/aix (inspired by build/pkg) scripts also refer to a new layout in ./config.layout -- AIX. There is a discussion about this layout below.

NEEDED: * coreutils (for the install to DESTDIR - /var/tmp/root/httpd-version). I can wish otherwise, but apr expects a behavior that only GNU/coreutils install has - both /usr/bin/install and /usr/ucb/install fail during the install to a DESTDIR. (This means if you only want to use "make install" rather than mkinstallp.ksh you can skip installing coreutils). * bos.adt.insttools : this is the fileset that includes the AIX script mkinstallp which is needed by build/aix/mkinstallp.ksh (FYI: mkinstallp.ksh automates creating the template mkinstallp needs)

RECOMMENDED: add /opt/bin to your PATH as first argument. This is the area where the buildaix (available via sourceforge or at aixtools) and build/aix/* scripts put binaries and scripts.

Step by Step

For both versions 2.2 and 2.4 APR and APR-UTIL are needed. So the first step is to download both, and the APR build/aix scripts listed above (until they (I hope) appear in the distributions).

 # build/aix/buildaix.ksh
 # installp -d build/aix all

This will create the ASF.apr-vac.rte and ASF.apu-vac.rte and install them in /opt/bin (When using gcc these will be named ASF.apr-gcc.rte and ASF-apu-gcc.rte. APR and APR-UTIL are dependent on the compiler used. The different fileset names helps to identify which compiler is supported. The files installed have the same name and position.

You are almost ready to build HTTPD. For version 2.4 you must have pcre somewhere. You can build this yourself, but easier may be to use a prepackaged one, e.g. from aixtools ( If all is ready then all you should need is:

 # build/aix/buildaix.ksh
 # installp -d build/aix all
 # mkgroup -a daemon
 # vi /etc/httpd/httpd.conf # to set your serverName
 # /opt/httpd/sbin/apachectl -l # check application without loading any modules
 # /opt/httpd/sbin/apachectl -L # check for modules that do not load (e.g., mod_ldap)

At this point you can edit /etc/httpd/httpd.conf to comment out LoadModule statements that are preventing /opt/httpd/sbin/httpd from loading.

configure returns an error

My favorite command when that happens is:

 # grep configure: config.log | tail

Note also, build/aix/buildaix accepts additional arguments for configure, for example to disable FEATURE use

 # build/aix/buildaix.ksh  --disable-FEATURE


2.4 specific info


AIX layout discussion

With the latest distributions there is a layout for AIX in config.layout to assist with standardization of packaging on AIX.

The goals:


Testing on AIX

To test httpd functionality you need (per 2014-08-06) at least perl v5.10 in order to add the needed modules and modules. So, using standard AIX provided perl you must test on AIX 7.1 as AIX 5.3 has perl v5.8.2 and AIX 6.1 has perl v5.8.8.

basic process

 svn checkout ./test 

This should also download ApacheTest, if not use something like:  svn checkout ./test/Apache-Test 

Now make sure your perl is current and load the bundle ApacheTest. This may take some trials - and time.  perl -MCPAN -e 'install Bundle::ApacheTest' 

With the basics up and ready.

 # su testuser
 % find /opt/httpd -name apxs
 % perl Makefile.PL -apxs ''full-path from find above''
 % t/TEST

Using OpenSSL 1.1

In my experience, openssl 1.1.0.f and 1.1.0.g causes SIGILL crashes at process termination. A simple workaround is to add LoadFile to before loading mod_ssl. This prevents libcrypto from being unloaded when mod_ssl is dlclose()'ed. Secondly, since having openssl 1.1 in your LIBPATH breaks most other tools like perl and wget, you should only add this path to bin/envvars.

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