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 ||WindowsTrunkCompilation||How to build httpd on Windows from svn or git trunk (2.next or 3.0)||
  • Hello World Module 1

    Apache Module Hello World! tutorial at theregister.co.uk. With version 2.2.3

    Hello World Module 2

    Apache Module Hello World! tutorial at genedavis.com. With version 2.0.39


    Module provided with Apache as an example to those that wish to write modules that use the Apache API.


    Module lifecycle


    Dealing with deflated response entities


    A short guide on how to convert the unix source for usage on windows


    Easy steps on how to compile HTTPd on Windows AMD64


    How to build httpd on Windows from svn or git trunk (2.next or 3.0)


    A list of functions and their usefulness for creating configuration directives for Apache modules


    Prospective new edition of the Modules Book updated for HTTPD 2.4

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