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 * [[Compatibility]] - Interaction between httpd, browsers and other user-agents, and other servers

Apache HTTP Server Wiki

This is a wiki containing user-contributed recipes, tips, and tricks for the Apache HTTP Server (aka Apache Web Server or httpd).

As this is a public wiki, please remember to consult the official documentation to verify what you read here. (If something here breaks your website, sorry!) Nevertheless, we hope you find this information useful!

User-contributed content

  • Face to Face - Opportunities to meet httpd developers or users.

  • Contributing - Find out how to contribute to this wiki

  • Info - Useful information and documentation

  • Developer - Information on the internals and module development

  • Log messages - Detailed explanations, and their solutions

  • Platform quirks - Build/install/run hints and workarounds for specific OS's

  • Compatibility - Interaction between httpd, browsers and other user-agents, and other servers

  • Recipes - Configuration examples, and their results

  • Rewrite - Various guides for mod_rewrite

  • Scratch pad - For new documentation - Howto's, document enhancements, etc.

  • Interacting - Integration with third party modules and services.

  • Translations - Unofficial translations of the official documentation, in hope of easing the review process.

  • PHP - Installation instructions for PHP on Apache.

  • FAQ - httpd FAQ sandbox

  • Binding to standard ports (80,443) without being root

  • SSL - (mod)SSL related topics

Official Links

You might want to look at the TitleIndex to view all the pages on this site.

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