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LoadModule rewrite_module lib/httpd/mod_rewrite.so

Here is a quick snippet of a minimal set of directive to launch an httpd instance.

It is meant to be used as a starting point when one either wants to clean up an old instance which segfaults or suffers from other recurring issues, or achieve the minimum footprint on a system limited on resources.

This is compatible with version 2.2 on the apache HTTP server. It could be adapted to work on 2.4 provided mod_access_compat is loaded.

ServerRoot "/usr/pkg"

LoadModule dir_module lib/httpd/mod_dir.so
LoadModule mime_module lib/httpd/mod_mime.so
LoadModule authz_host_module lib/httpd/mod_authz_host.so

TypesConfig /usr/pkg/etc/httpd/mime.types

PidFile /tmp/mini-httpd.pid

User nobody


DocumentRoot "/usr/local/htdocs"
DirectoryIndex index.html
ErrorLog syslog

<Directory />
  AllowOverride None
  Deny from all

<Directory /usr/local/htdocs>
  Allow from all

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