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[DIFF] 15:20 [INFO] thumbs Removed older recipe as per Rich, and the broken link
[DIFF] 16:16 [INFO] DanielFerradal Changed references to ip:port when using unix socket to localhost which is ignored anyways.
[DIFF] 12:12 [INFO] thumbs
[DIFF] 20:30 [INFO] wrowe [1-3]
[DIFF] 13:11 [INFO] wrowe
[DIFF] 20:12 [INFO] DanielFerradal [1-3] #01 corrected typo
#02 swtiched for
#03 added a negative lookahead example
[DIFF] 12:53 [INFO] DanielFerradal Additional info of the benefits of proxying to php-fpm specially to diagnose php issues. Changed the wording a bit to make it more appealing.
[DIFF] 01:44 [INFO] thumbs Remove permanent redirects from the recipe, and offer it as a final solution once it is tested. Convert the .htaccess code into a section.

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