Building httpd from trunk was traditionally very challenging, since the build schema was for Visual Studio '98. While this product has been long unsupported and unavailable now, it was the only option that could be converted to (most) modern Visual Studio versions and the last version which could also exported to nmake Makefiles.

The Apache HTTP Project has been shifting toward CMAKE as a build strategy, as have many of the OSS projects it depends on.

The advantage is that PCRE can generate traditional nmake files, and can also assemble Visual Studio project and solution files for a number of different versions of that product, as well as Eclipse and other IDE's (type the 'cmake --help' command for supported build environments).

Here are the required elements to build the "bleeding edge" of the minimal components required by any httpd build. This is somewhere to start for development, but is not for the faint of heart, and is not to be trusted for most "real" server deployments.

The illustration below omits openssl, nghttp2, iconv. The libxml2 (which could replace expat entirely) is not so easily built, just yet.

Rem  Illustration of building httpd and dependencies

set INSTPATH=c:\dev\apache-2.x


Rem An alternative using Studio solution/projects, needs install help
Rem SET CMAKEOPTS=-G "Visual Studio 14 2015 Win64"^
Rem SET BUILDCMD=devenv expat.sln /Build "Release|x64"

Rem An alternative with simple nmake Makefile...
SET CMAKEOPTS=-G "NMake Makefiles"^
SET BUILDCMD=nmake -f Makefile && nmake -f Makefile install

set ZLIBDIR=zlib-1.2.8
set EXPATDIR=expat-2.1.0
Rem set LIBXML2DIR=libxml2-2.9.3
set APRDIR=apr-2.0
set PCREDIR=pcre-8.38
set HTTPDDIR=httpd-2.x

if not exist %ZLIBDIR%^
  git clone %ZLIBDIR%

Rem This does not work, blame sourceforge or offer a fix?
if not exist %EXPATDIR%^ && tar -xzvf expat-2.1.0.tar.gz

Rem if not exist %LIBXML2DIR%^
Rem   wget &^
Rem   gzip -dc < libxml2-sources-2.9.3.tar.gz | tar -xvf -

Rem This requires wget/unzip - unpack it by hand if needed
if not exist %PCREDIR%^
  wget --passive-ftp && unzip

if not exist %APRDIR%^
  git clone %APRDIR%

if not exist %HTTPDDIR%^
  git clone %HTTPDDIR%

mkdir zlib-build
cd zlib-build
Rem -DAMD64=ON aught to work; but it does not
cd ..

mkdir expat-build
cd expat-build
cd ..

Rem cd %LIBXML2DIR%\win32
Rem cscript configure.js zlib=1 prefix=%INSTPATH% sodir=%INSTPATH%\bin include=%INSTPATH%\include lib=%INSTPATH%\lib
Rem nmake -f makefile.msvc
Rem cd ..\..

mkdir pcre-build
cd pcre-build
Rem since httpd itself does not use these features
cd ..

mkdir apr-build
cd apr-build
cd ..

Rem  Some private files of apr on Windows are used by httpd, pick these up;
mkdir %INSTPATH%\include\arch\win32
copy %APRDIR%\include\arch\win32\*.h %INSTPATH%\include\arch\win32

mkdir httpd-build
cd httpd-build
cd ..

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