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'''Email:''' [http://www.blackdot.be/?inc=contact Contact Form] '''Email:''' [[http://www.blackdot.be/?inc=contact|Contact Form]]
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'''Site:''' [http://www.blackdot.be/] '''Site:''' [[http://www.blackdot.be/]]

Jorge Schrauwen

Information About Me

Email: Contact Form

Site: http://www.blackdot.be/

About me

I can usually be found on the dev@httpd mailling list and sometimes on the IRC channel. I've been using httpd for a while and I visit a few bb where I tried to help newcommers.

I tried to help where I can but my lack of programming skills in C(++) limits me to the wiki and some general comments on the mailing list :(

My Todo

* figure out mod_ftp vhosting

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