April 2008 Board reports (see ReportingSchedule).

These reports are due to the Incubator PMC by 9 April 2008

This page is closed. Late projects must report next month.


IPMC reviews: jukka, jim

Description - Buildr is a build system for Java applications written in Ruby. Date of Entry - Nov. 2007


Buildr 1.3 is now in feature freeze and we're working to fix outstanding bugs, complete the documentation and add more test cases. As indicated in the previous report, we worked on multi-language support, adding Scala and Groovy to the mix, and also using RSpec (Ruby) to test Java code. JRuby 1.1 is now an official deployment platform for Buildr, alongside MRI 1.8.


Traffic on the mailing list is definitely picking up, as are feature requests and bug reports. Victor Hugo Borja joined as committer.

Issues before graduation

Legal has addressed our licensing issues specific to Ruby project, and we're ready to make a 1.3 release. From then it's business as usual: continuing to build a healthy community around Buildr.


IPMC reviews: jukka, jim

CouchDB is a distributed document-oriented database system written in Erlang. The project entered incubation on February 12th, 2008.

The infrastructure (SVN, JIRA, mailing lists, and web-site) has been set up, and the team has moved source, documentation, and bug reports from their former homes to the ASF.

Work has continued on removing code forked from other projects from the CouchDB codebase. This includes Mozilla SpiderMonkey, the code for which was previously included with CouchDB in slightly modified form. Instead, it is now treated as an external compile-time dependency via a custom C wrapper using the SpiderMonkey API. Also, work is currently in progress on replacing the dependency on a forked version of inets, which is part of the Erlang standard library (EPL), with the MIT-licensed MochiWeb library. For the time being, the MochiWeb code is included in the CouchDB codebase, mostly because there has been no official release of that library yet.


IPMC reviews: jukka, jim

Project Name - Apache CXF

Description - SOA enabling framework, web services toolkit

Date of Entry - August 2006

Items to resolve before graduation:

Community aspects:

Code aspects:

IPMC comments:


IPMC reviews: jukka, jim

Imperius has been incubating since November 2007.

Imperius is a rule-based infrastructure management tool

The source code has been re-organized into a maven-friendly repository structure.

Code: The following code was checked in:

  1. Eclipse based tooling for Imperius with Java binding.
  2. Client side (non-provider) Imperius with CIM binding.
  3. Imperius with CIM binding running as a CIM provider.
  4. Eclipse based tooling for Imperius with CIM binding.

Web site: Documentation added:

  1. A SPL Language reference has been added to the documentation
  2. A SPL Editor Guide has been added to the documentation


Two of the original committers have had accounts created. We are still waiting for the arrival of ICLAs for the others before creating accounts for them.

A new committer, Erik Bengtson, was voted in. Erik was already a committer on another Apache project.

IPMC comments:


IPMC reviews: jukka

JSPWiki has been incubating since September 2007.

JSPWiki is a JSP-based wiki program.

During the past three months since our last report, the JSPWiki community has grown nicely. Currently over 120 people are monitoring the user mailing list, and over 50 on the dev list. Apache JIRA has been integrated to our workflows, and the influx of patches seems to be growing steadily.

The JSPWiki development has been moved to the Apache SVN, and almost all code has been relicensed under the Apache 2.0 license. A few files still remain under LGPL, mostly pending CLAs which have not yet found their way to ASF.

During the past three months, the 2.6 LGPL branch has seen two bug fix releases using our old release mechanism, and the development for the 2.8 release is currently ongoing in the SVN trunk.

IPMC comments:


IPMC reviews: jukka, jim

RCF is a rich component set for JSF which supports AJAX. We are in the process of analyzing and removing undesired dependencies of our code to be compliant in the OpenSource world. Incubating since: May 2007.

The project sources have not yet been committed to Apache svn.

Issues before graduation:



Lucene.Net has been struggling with the absence of the only committer (George Aroush). A handful of the top contributors are in the process of rallying and proposing themselves as future committers and rejuvenating the project. There is interest here, but it has been a tough time for this project.


IPMC reviews: jukka (mentor), jim

Apache PDFBox is an open source Java PDF library for working with PDF documents. PDFBox entered incubation on February 7th, 2008.

The contents of the issue trackers at SourceForge have been migrated to Jira. We've also created a pdfbox-users mailing list and plan to point people from the SourceForge support forums to that list. The project sources have not yet been migrated to Apache svn.

Issues before graduation:


IPMC reviews: jukka, jim

In incubation since 2006-08-27




IPMC comments:

I believe we did understand, Basically two items as our contribution base is wider than the those listed in 'the project' on the resolution. So if we want to be specific, I believe we took away to (a.) increase our committer base + (b) have a more diverse PMC for graduation (The project at graduation vote time included Red Hat, another employer + Rupert Smith(independent)). So we will add committers and PPMC members before re-requesting a vote.


IPMC reviews: jukka

Sanselan has been in incubation since September 2007.

Sanselan is a pure-java image library for reading and writing a variety of image formats.

The community hasn't grown in the past three months. There have been commits from only two people. No patches from contributors, yet.

There was work on EXIF metadata read/write support and some changes were made to prepare for a first release.

IPMC comments:


IPMC reviews: jukka, jim

Shindig is a reference implementation of the OpenSocial and gadgets stack.

Incubating since: 2007-12-06

High-level status summary: Shindig making rapid progress since inception in December 2007.

IPMC comments:


IPMC reviews: jukka (mentor), jim

Apache Tika is a toolkit for detecting and extracting metadata and structured text content from various documents using existing parser libraries. Tika entered incubation on March 22nd, 2007.



Issues before graduation:


IPMC reviews: jukka, jim

UIMA is a component framework for the analysis of unstructured content such as text, audio and video. UIMA entered incubation on October 3, 2006.

Some recent activity:

Items to complete before graduation:


IPMC comments:

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