August Reports (see ReportingSchedule)


Work continues on the 0.1.0 release, with luck it should be released soon.

Stephen Duncan is still working with his employer about getting a CLA signed.

Work on an Atom Publishing Protocol client implementation has begun.

There are no current issues that require the board's attention.






Stdcxx status report for the calendar quarter ending in 8/2006:

This is the fourth quarterly report for stdcxx.

The stdcxx community is currently in the process of voting in a new committer, Farid Zaripov. Farid has contributed several important pieces of the test driver and recently has has been enhancing the test suite in the area of containers with focus on exception safety. In addition we are hoping to put Farid's extensive Windows experience to good use when enhancing our Windows build infrastructure.

The team continues to make progress migrating the Rogue Wave C++ Standard Library test harness and test suite to the Apache stdcxx test driver: a total of 117 of the 329 tests have been migrated so far.

The plan for the next three months is to continue migrating the test suite, extend our support to include additional platforms such as IBM z/OS, Cray UNICOS, and others, and to enhance our implementation with the C++ Standard Library extensions described in the Technical Report on C++ Library Extensions. Recently we have also been in discussions with Tuscany developers about their adoption of stdcxx. We look forward to working with the team to make this as smooth as possible.

Finally, we plan to continue increase the visibility of the project and attract more developers to the project and to further increase the diversity of the community.

Martin Sebor