August 2007 Board reports (see ReportingSchedule)

These reports are due to the Incubator PMC by 8 August 2007


AltRMI was retired in January.


Date of entry: May 2006

Abdera is an implementation of the Atom feed format and publishing protocol.

Code wise there has been a bunch of work done to update the publishing protocol implementation to match the latest versions of the internet draft (which will become the RFC). The code is currently being prepared for a new release.

On the community side we added a new committer (Brian Moseley) who has been using Abdera's server side code in the Cosmo project and has contributed back various improvements. We continue to see a steady stream of questions about the project, which implies that it is being used.

The only remaining goal to be reached before graduation is diversity related, while we do have more than the minimum number of committers from separate companies there remains some concern about the fact that many of them are not overly active.




The ServiceMix community has voted for graduation and the Incubator PMC has voted to accept ServiceMix graduation as a TLP (Guillaume Nodet has been voted as the PMC chair).

ServiceMix 3.1.1 has been released on 04/Jul/07, and we are planning a 3.1.2 after graduation has completed.

Thomas Termin and Gert Vanthienen has joined the PPMC.




iPMC Reviewers:

Tuscany provides infrastructure for developing service-oriented applications based on Service Component Architecture (SCA) specification and Service Data Objects (SDO) specifications. These specifications were submitted to OASIS in March 2007 by OSOA (, and OASIS have now issued a "Call for Participation" for the technical committees to advance the specifications.

Incubating since: 2006-11-30

Top issues?

Community aspects:

Releases since last report:




Description - XAP is a client side declarative Ajax framework for building and deploying rich internet applications

Date of entry - June, 2006

The top three items to resolve in last report have seen very good progress:

  1. Dojo 0.9 migration - XAP is currently using Dojo 0.4 as the default Ajax toolkit. Dojo 0.9 is a complete rewriet of Dojo. Though it is not compatible with Dojo 0.4, Dojo 0.9 seems to have fixed many problems of Dojo and is likely to become a solid foundation for future Ajax development. XAP developers are investigating whether/when/how to migrate to Dojo 0.9.
  2. Release - XAP has made one release within the community so far (XAP 0.3 release on March 2007);
  3. Growth of community - XAP community is growing, we see more and more contributions in many forms from people other than the initial committers: feedback on the mailing lists, documentation and code patches... The commuity has voted to add a new committer.

Community aspects:

Code aspects: