August 2009 Board reports (see ReportingSchedule).

These reports were due here by Wednesday, 12 August 2009 so that the Incubator PMC could relay them to the board.


Your project might need to report even if it is not listed below, please check your own reporting schedule or exceptions.

Please remember to include:


BlueSky has been incubating since 01-12-2008. It is an e-learning solution designed to help solve the disparity in availability of qualified education between well-developed cities and poorer regions of China.

Summer vacation started from last month, but some members of the team are still working. We've started to replace FFmpeg with Theora and Vorbis which might takes 1-2months. Simultaneously, we would prepare preliminary work of the Release of BlueSky.

Bill Stoddard (Mentor) comment... we are in the early stages of effectively 'rebooting' the Bluesky project after the recent incident involving sharing of an individuals user id. Inactive members of the community will have their id's revoked and the mentors are considering options for restarting the project with a new set of project committers.


Droids is an Incubator project arrived from Apache Labs. Droids entered incubation on October, 2009.

It's an intelligent standalone robot framework that allows one to create and extend existing web robots.

Things are charging along in Droids. We have a new committer "Mingfai Ma" with new ideas and another real life usecase. He committed some ideas to the sandbox which are going steady into the core distribution. More people are subscribed lately to the mailing list and we received some patches from different new developers. The patches had been incooperated in our repository already.

Still the focus is on evolving the design and building a larger community.

Signed off by: rgardler


Empire-db is a relational data persistence component that aims to overcome the difficulties, pitfalls and restrictions inherent in traditional Object Relational Management (ORM) approaches. Empire-db is on the Apache Incubator since July 2008.

Recent activities:

Following a rather quiet period in April and May development activities have significantly improved in June and July. The main goal of the development team was to finally complete the release of the Empire-db-2.0.5 release including Maven project management. The new release is now in the staging area and we are currently waiting for our mentors to approve the release, before we move on to get approval of the IPMC.

Community aspects:

Recently code submissions from outside the current development team were received by users from different countries and backgrounds. The submissions are currently under review and are under consideration for an upcoming release. This gives us reasons to believe that the community is growing and demand for Empire-db is rising.

Signed off by: dashorst


The Lokahi project has been retired.

Signed off by: jukka


Apache PDFBox is an open source Java library for working with PDF documents. PDFBox entered incubation on February 7th, 2008.

The PDFBox project continues doing well. Perhaps due to to the summer break, the development activities stuck a little bit, but the community itself is growing.

A problem was detected with the naming of the previously released FontBox and JempBox Maven artifacts. Project mentor Jukka Zitting worked around this issue by copying the existing release artifacts to match the Maven metadata (0.8.0-incubator instead of 0.8.0-incubating). It was noted that even though a new release vote wasn't strictly necessary for such an action, it should have been done only based on community consensus.

After solving most of the remaining blockers found during the license review we will likely soon make a release of the main PDFBox library. PDFBox will soon be ready to graduate from the Incubator.

Issues before graduation:

Signed off by: jukka


Apache PhotArk will be a complete open source photo gallery application including a content repository for the images, a display piece, an access control layer, and upload capabilities.

Signed off by: lresende, martinc


Pivot is an open-source platform for building rich internet applications in Java. It has been in incubation since January 2009.

Top 3 issues prior to graduation:

Signed off by: Niclas Hedhman, Martijn Dashorst


SocialSite is a social networking server and a set of gadgets that make it possible to add social networking features to existing web sites. The server is based on Apache Shindig, written in Java and adds a complete persistent social graph (stored via JPA). SocailSite's user interface is an Admin Console and a set of OpenSocial Gadgets that provide a complete social networking interface.

The project has been incubating since April 30, 2009. The SVN space, mailing lists and initial user accounts have been created but we are still waiting for Sun to sign-off on the code grant. It's been about six months since Sun told us this would happen, we've been checking in with Sun every couple of weeks and apparently we're getting close.

Signed off by: Dave Johnson


Stonehenge has been incubating since December 2008. Stonehenge a set of example applications for Service Oriented Architecture that spans languages and platforms and demonstrates best practices and interoperability by using currently defined W3C OASIS standard protocols.

Since the last report in April, the Stonehenge project has gained tremendous sustained momentum over releasing Milestone 1 (M1) and starting Milestone 2 (M2). The community has gone through many discussions defining and refining features for the .NET StockTrader, Axis2/Java StockTrader, WSF/PHP StockTrader, and the new Glassfish/Metro based StockTrader from SUN. Two of them were demonstrated in the Microsoft Keynote at JavaOne.

A detailed update:

Admin: The community has gone through a release iteration, learning the various Apache guidelines for managing a release. After 3 iterations of review by the incubator-general list, M1 released on June 4th.

Community: About 8 new developers have joined, three of them have been nominated to and granted committer status based on a community vote. Their contributions have been instrumental in advancing M1 and M2. In the last couple of weeks various graduate students from University of Pennsylvania joined the community and are exploring ways to contribute to the Java stacks.

M1: The community has identified and resolved 34 JIRA issues towards the first release. The M1 release was accompanied by detailed documentation allowing any external developer to download and configure the various implementations of the StockTrader application, and demonstrate interoperability between the various platforms. The Stonehenge project was well received at JavaOne and had positive mentions in the press. The Glassfish/Metro based Stocktrader was contributed towards the end of M1. It is currently being moved to trunk in M2.

M2: An extensive discussion ensued about the various security feature and scenarios to implement as an extension for the StockTrader applications. The community identified which features of the various security web services specs implemented by each platform can be used in M2. An overall spec was approved on the list by the respective members of each platform. Currently there are 17 JIRA issues marked as M2.

Graduation map: 1- M1 release: done 2- M2: IN the April report, M2 was described as "Another iteration of improvements for StockTrader would constitute the second release (M2)". M2 now is clearly defined as extending security features in StockTrader, development is well on track for a release in Sept. 3- M3: In the April report, M3 was described as "A third release would be either adding more interop functionality to StockTrader, or implementing a new sample application". M3 is not discussed yet, however with the momentum we have we might prefer to execute it after graduation.

Given the M1 and M2 momentum, we believe we are very close to graduation requirements. The only issues left before graduation is completing M2, along with the needed documentation to demonstrate interoperability between the stacks.


Signed off by: Abu Obeida Bakhach (AbuB), Paul Fremantle

IPMC comments:

Traffic Server

TrafficServer has been incubating since July 13, 2009. The software is an extensible and scalable HTTP proxy and cache, actively used internally at Yahoo!. TS is also well conformed to the HTTP/1.1 specifications, and works very well with the Apache HTTPD server.

The immediate goals for TS are:

Recent activities include:

Signed off by: Doug Cutting


VCL has been incubating since December 2008. VCL is a framework for cloud management of physical and virtual machines.

The project name has been resolved and there is no legal requirement to rename the project.



Top 2-3 goals prior to graduation:

Release Preparation:

Signed off by:


The VXQuery Project implements a standard compliant XML Query processor. It has been in incubation since 2009-07-06.

Completed setup steps:

Immediate goals:

Top 3 issues before graduation:

Signed off by: Paul Fremantle


Apache Wookie(Incubating) is a project to create open source software for adding widgets to your applications. It has been in incubation since July 2009.

Signed off by: asavory, gmcdonald, lresende, ate


Signed off by: Kevan Miller

Notable Activity:

Planned Activity:

Top issues before graduation:


[ate, reporting on behalf of Apache Portals PMC as our Chair David Taylor is current on holiday]

The WSRP4J Project is an implementation of WSRP 1.0 Producer. WSRP is an OASIS specification that describes a protocol which allows portlets to be accessed remotely using Web Services.

The WSRP4J Project has been adopted by the Portals PMC, while still in the Apache Incubator, since August 2003 , with the intent to eventually graduate as a sub-project of Apache Portals.


Signed off by:


The XAP project has been retired.

Signed off by: rdonkin, jukka

IPMC comments:

* [rdonkin]: XAP is currently being paused. This looks like being the first pause, so some process development is probably going to be required by the IPMC. I suggest that progress reports be required each month for pausing projects.

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