Application for Google Summer of Code 2012: German Grekhov


Improvement of testing and adjusting of media content transmitting in Apache OpenMeetings conferences


Let me introduce how I could make the Apache OpenMeetings software more handy and flexible to set it up that would improve routine of video conferences. I want to add several new features. These features are connected with user’s custom preferences of media content transmitting.


My ultimate goal is to develop audio/video transmitting that could be flexibly and effectively tuned. I want to create a bandwidth/network testing tool integrated with the Apache OpenMeetings software. This tool will be created as a servlet and could work even outside of OpenMeetings. The client side of the tool will be used by the OpenMeetings flash part and reproduced by special indicators set. These indicators will show the connection state info:

1) availability of a required port;

2) download/upload speed;

3) ping time;

4) connection availability.

This testing tool should pop up before a user enters a conference room. The test process consists of a 5 seconds record of user’s video stream with adjusted video/audio settings and uploading the record on the server/downloading it from the server. After the test user could save chosen settings to his/her own profile.

Also, I want to implement the sound settings feature. Now, Apache OpenMeetings conferences do not provide setting options of audio transmitting up in runtime (e.g. microphone sensitivity, sound loudness). These options are persistent or can be adjusted using special Flash Player settings that are useless for non-advanced users. But conference participants always have different microphones (with good or bad quality), therefore it is very useful thing to have the opportunity of runtime adjusting of some options.

I want to add two new sliders to conference video pods which would control user’s microphone sensitivity and volume of other conference participants. Maybe, after these changes the design of video pods will require its review.

After finishing of GSoC I am going to continue my participation in the project and collaboration with the Apache OpenMeeting community.

Profit for Apache OpenMeetings

Video conferences are the most popular part of the Apache OpenMeetings software, so improvement of video pods usability and data transmitting quality is very important for the project. If I added the described functionality, OpenMeetings would become much handier to use.


1) Public my suggestions for the Apache OpenMeetings community for discussing them with all project participants, getting advice and opinions of more experienced partners. Maybe, they will suggest some useful methods (at the beginning of June).

2) Design and develop the connection testing servlet (until the middle of July).

3) Integrate the tool with OpenMeetings (until the beginning of August).

4) Test the new features (at the beginning of August).

5) Develop and test new sliders. Review and optimize the video pods design if necessary (until the end of August).

About me

I am a 22 year-old student of Novosibirsk State University, Department of Information Technology. I have already obtained a Bachelor’s degree and I am obtaining a Master’s degree now. My main subjects are related to software development.

When I was 12 years old I found programming interesting. I programmed in Pascal language, and then I learnt C, C++, Java and other languages.

I have one and a half a year work experience at UniPro IT-company. My main job is connected with developing of the Unipro UGENE bioinfomatics tool. This job requires regular conversations with biologists from over the world (so, I improve my communication skills) and taking part in various conferences and contests where I improve my competitive skills.

I am quite well aware of the Apache OpenMeetings project because I have been developing the OpenMeetings project for the last 8 months. I have started working here when the project was not a part of Apache. I am an Apache committer and I often fix various bugs and introduce feature. Also, I have developed a useful and handy feature of “microphones muting” and a new conference type - ”microphones room”. These features are used by the most of OpenMeetings users now. Currently, I am working on OpenMeetings software integration with TeamBox.

I have followed discussions on the development mailing list, from which I know about the last project news, for about a half a year.

So, I am very well acquainted with the project and my previous work was connected with tasks above.

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