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This page describes features that are not completed yet or need pratical testing before they're added to the standard feature set. They might disappear or be changed subtantially!


  • the recognition of system pages (see TitleIndex) is somewhat heuristic currently (i.e. broken ;) ), a better version will appear in version 1.2.

  • [:pagename] and [:pagename:linktext] are a shorter form of [wiki:Self:...], with the additional benefit that pagename can contain any character, including spaces.

    • Pro: using spaces, and it allows &#...; recoding (yet to be added) so that it's possible to add non-western chars into wikinames of western/latin1 wikis.

    • Contra: one more way to link to things

Bidirectional language support

  • config.default_lang sets the default language of a wiki's content (note: this has not much to do with the user interface language a user sees)

    • the HTML lang attribute of a page's BODY tag is set to this language

  • for each language MoinMoin supports in its user interface, a correspondent [[lang]] macro exists, e.g. [[en]]

    • this macro sets HTML lang attributes for paragraphs etc.

    • it also changes the text direction

See also MoinMoin:BetterHebrewSupport.

User-defined forms

  • <!> TBD

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