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Navigation(children) TableOfContents


Macros allow the insertion of system features into normal wiki pages; the only thing that makes those pages special is that they contain macros. If you edit pages like RecentChanges or SystemInfo, you'll see what that means.

For more information on the possible markup, see HelpOnEditing.

Search macros





search the page titles

See the FindPage


search the page contents

See the FindPage


search for the current title in all pages (like clicking on the page title)

See the CategoryCategory page


search for "text" in all pages

Search for FullSearch:FullSearch('FullSearch')


directly go to the page you enter

See the FindPage


list of pages whose title matches the regex

See the HelpIndex





a list of recently edited pages

See RecentChanges


an index of all page titles

See TitleIndex


an index of all words in page titles

See WordIndex


list links to non-existent pages

See WantedPages


list pages no other page links to

See OrphanedPages


list pages that were not edited for the longest time

See AbandonedPages


a link to a random page



links to a number of random pages

Two random pages:RandomPage(2)


display a local table of contents, possibly limited to a maximal depth

See above


macro to insert anchors into a page



macro to list all of a pages' children

See start of this page


quick navigation to siblings of a page ("siblings" is the default and thus optional)

See /MailTo


creates a link to toggle between slide show and wiki mode, and a link to start the slide show

See HelpOnSlideShows


displays first/prev/next/last links

See HelpOnSlideShows

System information





a list of all known InterWiki names



info on the wiki, the python interpreter and the host system



current page count

PageCount pages


list the sizes of all pages

See PageSize


shows statistical charts (currently defined types: hitcounts, pagesize, useragents)

See EventStats and subpages


Web interface to wiki administration (not completed yet as of version 1.0)

See SystemInfo






display system icons

See HelpOnNavigation


display a user preferences dialog

See UserPreferences


insert a line break

1st lineBR2nd line


Select a random quote from the given page, or from FortuneCookies if ommitted



include contents of another page

for details see ["/Include"]


Add a footnote (the text cannot contain any wiki markup), or explicitely display collected footnotes when no args are given

See HelpOnPageCreation for an example


display a timestamp according to system settings



display a timestampFootNote("timestamp" can be empty (current time), a number of seconds since 1970 (unix timestamp), or a W3C time specification ("2002-01-23T12:34:56").) according to user settings



loads I18N texts (mainly intended for use on Help pages)

"EditText" is translated to "GetText(EditText)"


useful for intranet developer wikis, a means to view pydoc documentation, formatted via a XSLT stylesheet, for details see EfnetPythonWiki:TeudProject

See EfnetPythonWiki:TeudViewer?module=MoinMoin.macro.TeudView


protect your email address from spam bots

for details see /MailTo


Example Display

We don't show examples for all macros here, because that would make this page quite long. Here is is the replacement text for the [[SystemInfo]] macro:

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