Proposal for iBATIS Data Mapper Project

10 August 2004, Clinton Begin (, Ted Husted (

(0) rationale

(0.1) criteria



Core Developers:


(0.2) warning signs

Orphaned products:

Inexperience with open source:

Homogenous developers:

Reliance on salaried developers:

No ties to other Apache products:

A fascination with the Apache brand:

(0.3) subproject or top-level project

(1) scope of the subproject

(1.1) interaction with other packages

The following are optional 3rd party dependencies, which do not need to be present to compile or run our software:

(2) identify the initial source from which the subproject is to be populated

(2.1) identify the base name for the package

(2.2) identify the coding conventions for this package

The Java code mostly follows a Sun's standard coding conventions, including the following characteristics:

The .Net implementation follows the coding standards provided by the Visual Studio.NET IDE and JetBrain Resharper plugin.

(3) identify the ASF resources to be created

(3.1) mailing list(s)

(3.2) subversion repositories

(3.3) jira

(4) identify the initial set of committers

(5) identify Apache sponsoring individual

(*) CLA filed. (**) CLA acknowledged.