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  * Raphael Bircher   * Raphael Bircher (max 1 each month)

Incubator shepherds are IPMC members who volunteer to review podling reports.

Please add your name below if you'd like to volunteer for shepherd duty. You may add a qualifier like "max 2 projects / month" or "once per quarter" if you'd like to limit the amount of required review effort per month. A typical detailed review takes about 15 minutes per project, or more if some followup is required.

  • Dave Fisher (max of 2 / month)
  • Matt Franklin (Happy to take any podling)
  • Ross Gardler (particular interest in mobile, social and content - in that order, happy to do what is needed)
  • Roman Shaposhnik
  • Suresh Marru
  • Alan Cabrera
  • Raphael Bircher (max 1 each month)

The IPMC chair will assign shepherds to podling reports each month based on the available volunteers and stated qualifiers. In order to give an "outsider" look, a shepherd will not be assigned to review a project that he or she is already mentoring.

Emeritus shepherds:

  • Benson Marguilies
  • Matt Hogstrom

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