JTStand Proposal

Email: <support AT SPAMFREE jtstand DOT com>

A proposal to the Apache Software Foundation Incubator PMC by

Albert Kurucz

May 12, 2009

1. Abstract

JTStand is a free scripting environment for data collection, an open source software, written in Java.

It helps you to develop and execute Sequences and to analyze the Results.

2. Proposal

This proposal seeks to create a top-level Apache Software Foundation project to continue the development and advancement of jtstand.

Key Features & Goals

3. Rationale

4. Need for a Community Effort

5. Known Risks

Commitment to future development. TBD

Experience with open source. TBD

Diversity of developer community. TBD

Relationship to other Apache projects. There are no Apache projects with similar goals.

7. Source

There is no seed code, JTStand is original.

Access to existing source code can be found here for those interested in looking at current project status: TBD

8. Required Resources

(a) Proposed Mailing lists:

(b) Subversion directory

(c) Issue tracking:

9. Initial Committer

10. Sponsors


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