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Myriad enables co-existence of Apache Hadoop YARN and Apache Mesos together on the same cluster and allows dynamic resource allocations across both Hadoop and other applications running on the same physical data center infrastructure.


The vision of Myriad is to provide a comprehensive framework to ensure Apache Hadoop YARN and Apache Mesos can interoperate with minimal changes on either side and prevent the static fragmentation of data center resources.


Project Myriad is the first resource management framework that allows big data developers to run YARN-based Hadoop jobs alongside other applications and services in production. ebay Inc., MapR, and Mesosphere jointly built Myriad (available on Github at with the vision of freeing big data jobs from siloed clusters and consolidating infrastructure into a single pool of resources for greater utilization and operational efficiency. Several companies including Twitter have expressed interest in Myriad and have begun testing it.


Many Hadoop users are building larger clusters (data lake/data hub architectures) that support multiple workloads - made possible by the advent of Apache Hadoop YARN. As the clusters grow in size and importance, they become an important application within the broader datacenter. At the same time, Apache Mesos enables efficient resource isolation and sharing across distributed applications for the broader data center, for instance MPI, Spark, long running web services, build/test infrastructure, traditional linux applications/scripts, and others (including arbitrary docker images).

Myriad aims to enable co-existence of Apache Hadoop YARN and Apache Mesos on the same physical data center resources, reducing fragmentation of data center resources.

Project Goals

Initial Goals

Longer Term Goals

Architectural Overview

The following diagram illustrates the high level architecture. YARN (with Myriad) is registered as a framework with Mesos master along with possibly other Mesos frameworks. This enables YARN to share cluster resources with other Mesos frameworks providing elasticity of resources between Hadoop workloads and Mesos frameworks.


Current Status

Myriad is under active development. Key components of Myriad are:

Myriad Resource Manager (RM) Plugin

Myriad Mesos Executor

Currently, a working prototype/demo had been built for the goals listed under the “Initial Goals” section. Open issues and enhancements are tracked at Myriad is not yet tested for production use.


We plan to invest in supporting a meritocracy. We will discuss the requirements in a public forum. Several companies have already expressed interest in this project, and we intend to invite developers to contribute and gain karma. We will encourage and monitor community participation so that privileges can be extended to those that contribute.


We are happy to report that there are existing Apache committers and corporate users who are closely involved in the project already. We hope to extend the user and developer base further in the future and build a solid open source community around Myriad, growing the community and adding committers following the Apache Way.

Core Developers

The initial technology was built independently by ebay and MapR. ebay built the technology in consultation with Ben Hindman. MapR built a working prototype in tight consultation and mentorship with Mesosphere.


The initial committers strongly believe that Apache Hadoop YARN and Apache Mesos will gain broad adoption and therefore a framework to allow for a co-existence of these frameworks that is transparent to applications written for YARN and Mesos will serve the needs of the broader community.

Known Risks

Inexperience with Open Source

Initial Myriad committers have varying levels of experience using and contributing to Open Source projects, however by working with our mentors and the Apache community we believe we will be able to conduct ourselves in accordance with Apache Incubator guidelines. The close relationship between the Myriad team and Apache Mesos and Apache Hadoop means there is an awareness of the incubation process and a willingness to embrace The Apache Way.

Homogenous Developers

There is already diversity in the core developer community as they are employed by three different and independent companies viz. ebay inc., MapR, and Mesosphere. However, there will continue to be an emphasis on increasing the diversity of the developer community.

Reliance on Salaried Developers

Currently, the core developers are paid to work on Myriad. However, once the project has a community built around it, we expect to get committers, contributors and community from outside the current participating organizations.

Relationships with Other Apache Products

Myriad implements interfaces from both Apache YARN and Apache Mesos, and requires both to be present so that Myriad can coordinate dynamic resource sharing between the two.

An Excessive Fascination with the Apache Brand

While we respect the reputation of the Apache brand and have no doubts that it will attract contributors and users, our interest is primarily to give Myriad a solid home as an open source project following an established development model. We have also given reasons in the Rationale and Alignment sections.


Documentation is included in a docs directory of the repository (See, and currently details how Myriad works, developing the project, auto-scaling a YARN cluster, the Myriad REST API, and more. We will improve docs at every revision drop.

Initial Source

The Myriad codebase has been posted on GitHub for review and licensed under an Apache v2 license.

Source and IP Submission Plan

During incubation, the codebase will be available at and contributors will commit appropriate contribute license agreements.

External Dependencies

All Myriad dependencies have Apache compatible licenses.


Myriad doesn’t use cryptography itself. Hadoop and Mesos projects, however, use standard API’s and tools for SSH And SSL communication where necessary.

Required Resources

Mailing Lists

Version Control

We prefer to use Git as our source control system: git://

Issue Tracking


Initial Committers



Champion (Proposal)

Nominated Mentors

Sponsoring Entity

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