One Possible format:

:issueTracker: jira|github|bugzilla
:sourceControl: github|asfgit|svn
:wiki: if using confluence, their space key
:jira: if using jira, their issue key (though I suppose this can be multiple)
:proposal: link to the proposal page.
:asfCopyright: the date that we confirmed ASF copyright headers on the source code (e.g. the first time a source release passed without any issues)
:distributionRights: the date that we confirmed the resulting binary satisfied our release policies (e.g. the first time a release included a binary without any issues)
:ipClearance: a link to the IP Clearance page for this podling.  I guess this can be multiple?
:sga: date in which a SGA was received
:graduationDate: to be filled in when the podling graduates
:resolution: tlp|subproject , if subproject the TLP should be in here somehwere.  We may want to track as "sponsor."

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