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Python Broker System Test Suite

This is a suite of python client tests that exercise and verify broker functionality. Python allows us to rapidly develop client test scenarios and provides a 'neutral' set of tests that can run against any AMQP-compliant broker.

The python/tests directory contains a collection of python modules, each containing several unittest classes, each containing a set of test methods that represent some test scenario. Test classes inheirt qpid.TestBase from qpid/testlib.py, it inherits unittest.TestCase but adds some qpid-specific setUp/tearDown and convenience functions.

TODO: get pydoc generated up to qpid wiki or website automatically?

Running the tests

Simplest way to run the tests:

  • Run a broker on the default port
  • ./run_tests

For additional options: ./run_tests --help

Expected failures

Until we complete functionality, tests may fail because the tested functionality is missing in the broker. To skip expected failures in the C++ or Java brokers:

 ./run_tests -I cpp_failing.txt
 ./run_tests -I java_failing.txt

If you fix a failure, please remove it from the corresponding list.

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