What Is A Release Manager?

An individual who is responsible for managing a release.

A ReleaseManager does the following:

A Copy Of Policy Statement

Apache Committers,

If you are responsible for posting software for public download, please be
sure to read and follow the policy listed here:

Some key points in this policy:

1. Software should not be distributed from project websites.  Current
releases should be mirrored by placing them under www.apache.org/dist/.

2. Older releases should go under archive.apache.org/dist/.  Once a
release is placed under www.apache.org/dist/ it will automatically be
copied over to archive.apache.org and held there permanently, even after
it is deleted from www.apache.org.  If you currently have older releases
on your project website, you can manually copy them to

3. Do not point downloaders directly at the www.apache.org/dist/
directories.  Point to the mirrors using one of the techniques discussed
on the above web page.

If you need assistance in implementing URL redirection to direct
downloaders to the new locations, or if you need any other help in
implementing this policy, please contact the infrastructure@apache.org
mailing list.

By following this policy, we will make the most efficient use of our
resources and provide better service to our users.



A Distribution Taxonomy

This describes the characteristics of different kinds of distributions. The initial division of ASF releases is:

Announcements At Apache

If your project got an concensus on the release of the product, please make use of both the Apache Software Foundation Wide Announcement list and the announcement lists for each top level projects. Use the prc@a.o team to help facilitate significant announcements.

(ASF-Wide Announcement list)

Please note that you can not post the ASF-wide announcement list without the usage of "apache.org" mail address. Also, please make sure that you have put 3-5 lines blurb for the project. (because most of the subscribers to announce.AT.apache.DOT.org list would not know what is XX-Project, generally speaking)

If you can, it would be highly recommended to put the SHA-1 pgp signature to the announcement mail. Of course, plaese make sure that your public key has been already put on the famous pgp sites (e.g. http://pgp.mit.edu/) and you have already used such key when you would make the .asc and .md5 file for the new product.

Other Helpful Resources At Apache

Please help this list to grow...

HTTPD Release Documentation

Mirrors And More



Some Of The Whys

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