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QoS Termination in Synapse

Synapse supports the proxy services model as well as the message mediation model to enable the termination of QoS. The proxy services model allows a proxy service definition to state that the default WS-RM or WS-Security etc should be enabled on the proxy service.

This document explains how we propose to create mediators to handle WS-Security and WS-RM aspects in the message mediation model. As WS-RM and WS-Sec are the main concerns right now, we will use them as illustrative examples below.

The Synapse configuration language will expose new mediators <Use-WS-RM> and <Use-WS-Security> or similar named mediators to turn on RM and Security during message level mediation.

Synapse will use an anonymous service on which RM (or Sec, etc) is engaged and the RM mediator would send the current message to this service.

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