Google Summer Of code - 2008
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This wiki page is used to display the current status of this project. This page will be updated frequently with the current updates of the project. A separate thread in the Tuscany-dev list will be used for the regular discussions about the project.

Time line and the schedule of the project

22nd April 2008 - 29th April 2008 – Getting Familiar with Apache Tuscany, Apache Geronimo and other related technologies

30th April 2008 – 25th May 2008 - Coming up with the finalized list of features and a design. Defining a list of test scenarios

26th May 2008 – 5th July 2008 – First Phase of the development

6th July 2008 – Mid-term evaluation

15th July 2008 – 04th August 2008 – Second Phase of development

04th August 2008 – 17th August 2008 – Documentation, Code Reviews and testing the different scenarios defined in the designing phase

18th August 2008 – Final Evaluation


21 st April 2008 - Got Accepted. :D

24th April 2008 - Started going through documentation again, to grab the missing parts.

29th April 2008 - Successfully built the Apache Tuscany again and imported it to Intellij IDEA. I used a source which was checked out early, since i found it difficult to update it. This was a bit harder as the java heap was not sufficient for maven build process. This was successful with a maximum/minimum heap of 512 MB.

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