The following is a proposal for Apache Zhugu, a set of Javascript client applications for linked data applications. The project artifacts are delivered as maven artifacts so that they can be used in other project via the maven dependency mechanism.


Zhugu provides Javascript applications for restfull linked data services such as Sparql endpoints. It provides a decoupled client library than can be used against endpoints such as Any23, Stanbol, Fuseki or Clerezza. It provides a set of client side application with documentation on their backend requirements. The applications are bundled as maven js project and can thus very easily be consumed by any maven based project. Some of these applications are developed within Zhugu while other are maven distributions of existing Javascript project. The project reduces duplication of code as javascript libraries are currently duplicated in the svn repositories of multiple projects.

The arises from apache projects relating to Semantic Web or REST technologies but shall also attract people that are unfamiliar withe the mainly java based projects.

With the contribution of the client parts of SparqlEd to Apache by DERI (Digital Enterprise Research Institute) the project has powerfull frontend for writing sparql queries. The Zhugu community shall can work together with communities such as Stanbol or Any23 to show how this frontend can be integrated into their prodiucts. By using the established maven versioning and release process it is ensure that downstream projects have less issues keeping track of needed dependency versions, for this the javascript maven tools are used.


The Sindice project at Deri has contributed the original code for any23 being overhelmed by the community arising around it decided to donate the highly reusable SparqlEd component to Apache as well. As the project around such a component should not be tight to a particular backend a new project for this as well as for other backend independent semantic client code a new project shall emerge.

Apache Stanbol integrates Javascript Component such as annotate.js and vie.js the dependency on these javascript projects is currently satisfied by inclusion of the sources in the subversion repository. Zhugu shall provide such common dependencies as maven artifacts.


Having a robust set of decoupled client applications available within established development processes provides great benefit for project focusing on data processing and reasoning services. There are established standards and good implementation for linked data and the semantic web also there are promisiong UX approaches on how user can intuitively deal with the unique possibilities of semantic and linked data applications. Apache Zhugu wants to bring together the server server applications with easy to use client side applications helping to showcase the potential of linked data and its server applications.

Current Status


Apache Zhugu is initiated mainly by contributors expirienced in other Apache projects so the fundamental value of the principle of Meritocracy is recognized.

Core Developers

In alphabetical order:


The Zhugu Artifacts shall be easy to intgrate in any project that is built with Maven.

Known Risks

Orphaned Products

Inexperience with Open Source

Homogeneous Developers

Reliance on Salaried Developers

Relationships with Other Apache Products

In the last years, other projects have been under ASF incubation process relying on the Semantic Web technology stack, such as Apache Clerezza, Stanbol, Any23 and Jena. This could be seen as a proof of the consolidation and the adoption growing tendency of such technologies.


Zhugu Related Specifications

  1. RDF

  2. JSon_LD

  3. RDFa

  4. sparql

Initial Source

Source and Intellectual Property Submission Plan

External Dependencies


The project does not handle cryptography in any way.

Required Resources

Initial Committers

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Nominated Mentors

Sponsoring Entity

Other interested people (in alphabetical order)

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