aIFTTT Proposal

AIFTTT is a notification system with flexible triggers such as, "if wind>30mph", "twitter me".


Ifttt website exists, but Corporations such as mine won't use it unless it's an open source project. if this then that


My company needs flexible messaging. Currently we send emails. Specifically for customer changes, we send email internally to notify sales of customer changes. AIFTTT allows flexible notifications with "different" information. This gives them more control over exactly what information they want, not at the mercy of the provider.

Current Status

Looking for a champion.


1. This speeds up news alerts. Polling is replaced by real-time events. 2. Creates a community of Trigger-Happy contributors, creating links between services. 3. Being an Apache project removes privacy concerns for companies using this.

How would it be used?

On a webpage you put an icon. The icon connects to localhost or outside or even to ifttt, to setup the alert. The rules are flexible, deeply related to your business. More granular.

Stimulus's include: Stocks, Weather, Speed Limit Changes...

Responses include: Email notifications, twitter notifications, phone, car nav updates.


I haven't found any competitors, but Alexei Fedotov says I am wrong (please elaborate). I contacted about corporate licensing, but didn't get a reply. They are slowly adding connectors like Weather, etc. A community would do that faster and with more enthusiasm.

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