These examples demonstrate the core functionality of XAP applications:

These examples are using very simple styling - however CSS is fully supported and the look and feel can be customized as desired.


Demo Application: Updating Stock Quotes

This application provides simulated real time stock price information.

Realtime Stock Ticker

This sample updates a table in real time using data generated on the server. This sample uses Milestone 3 code.

Source: table.php, logic.js, jsupdate.php, disable_button.xal, enable_button.xal

Demo Application: Emergency Response System

This application is a simulated emergency response system that a user can view the location of ambulance, hospital and fire stations on a map, add/modify nodes and calcuate routes between different nodes.

All below samples and demos use Milestone 2 version.

Emergency Response System (Showing extensibility and Integration with Google Maps)

This application demonstrates the plugin architecture; this allows developers to create XML syntax that can than be used within applications. In this application an XML tag called "gMap" is used to allow very simple integration with a third party component. See the bridges page for more details

Source: index.xal, EventMCO.js, EmsCall.js


Hello World

A simple XAP application.

Hello, World!

Source: index.xal

Client Side Logic

Demonstrates connecting user interface events with Managed Client Objects (MCOs) written in JavaScript.


Source: index.xal, MyHandler.js

Inline Javascript

Demonstrates including Javascript directly in a XAL document.


Source: index.xal

Server Side Modification

This example shows usage of XModify as a server document to update the user interface asynchronously and declaratively.


Source: index.xal, MyHandler.js, data.txt, hello-world.xal

Widget Examples

These applications demonstrate the available widgets provided by XAP.

3rd Party Demos host serveral demos built on the XAP runtime.

Send me a pic!

- Allows you to search Flickr's database and create Mobile Phone Wallpapers out of any photo you want. That's right, every photo in the Flickr database can be a Wallpaper for your phone. Try it out, it is easy as See It, Size It, Send It!

Map Comparison

- This application use the Apache XAP project to integrate all three mapping technologies into one interface to compare their functionality and UI.

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