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 * [wiki:/CodeTour Tour of XAP Code for Starting Developers]


Welcome to the XAP Documentation Wiki. Back to the [http://incubator.apache.org/xap XAP Website]

Release Annoucements

  • [wiki:/XAP030 XAP 0.3.0]

Learning about XAP

  • See the [wiki:/Demos Demos]

Getting started building applications with XAP

Developing with XAP

Contributing to and modifying XAP

  • [wiki:/BuildSystem The XAP Build System]

  • [wiki:/HTML Using XAP with HTML]
  • [wiki:/Manufacturing Manufacturing the Distribution]
  • [wiki:/CodeTour Tour of XAP Code for Starting Developers]

XAP - Web Framework Integration

  • [wiki:/XAPStruts XAP - Struts Integration]

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