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 * JackrabbitDevelopment

Welcome to the Apache Jackrabbit Wiki

Apache Jackrabbit is a project at the Apache Software Foundation.

We are in need of better documentation, so feel free to add to these pages as you learn more about Jackrabbit. Write access is disabled by default to prevent spam, but you can get around that by sending your wiki username to dev@jackrabbit.apache.org and asking for more access.




  • ItemStateManagement: Design of ItemState management with collaboration diagrams for various use cases that read and/or modify content


Blueprints and best practices

  • DavidsModel: A guide for blissful content modeling. Seven rules to avoid common mistakes content modeling mistakes.

  • NodeNamingConventions : Recommendations for node names.

Future Plans



  • WebDAV: If you plan on using Jackrabbit through WebDAV. Useful for existing Jakarta Slide users or other WebDAV repository users thinking about migrating to Jackrabbit.




  • JcrMeetupMarch2009: JCR community gathering at 20:00 on March 24th at the ApacheCon EU in Amsterdam

  • JcrMeetupApril2008: JCR community gathering in Amsterdam on April 8th, 2008

  • BackupTool: Design document of the 2006 Google Summer of Code project (written by Nicolas Toper, mentored by Jukka Zitting).

  • JNDI: Patching the Oracle file system and persistence manager for use with JNDI (no longer required with Jackrabbit 1.4)

Special Wiki Pages

  • TitleIndex: A list of all pages on this wiki.

  • HelpContents: A basic guide to the MoinMoin wiki (including information about wiki syntax).

  • WordIndex: A list of all the words that appear in the titles of the pages on this wiki, with links to pages that include that word.

  • FindPage: A full-text search of the wiki.

  • WantedPages: All the "broken links" -- a list of all the pages on this wiki that are linked to, but do not exist.

  • OrphanedPages: All pages on this wiki that are not linked to from anywhere else (and are thus very hard to reach).

  • RandomPage: Generates a list of 75 random pages on this wiki.

  • PageSize: Generates a graph and some statistics about the sizes of pages on this wiki.

  • EventStats/HitCounts: Generates a graph of page views and page visits.

  • EventStats/UserAgents: Generates a graph of the web browsers used in visiting this page.

  • SystemInformation: Shows basic information about this wiki installation, the extensions it has installed, etc.

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