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 * [[http://www.subshell.com/en/sophora/index.html|Sophora CMS]] Web Content Management

11This page contains links to articles and applications based on JCR and Jackrabbit.






See also http://www.slideshare.net/tag/jackrabbit, http://www.slideshare.net/tag/jcr, http://www.slideshare.net/tag/sling.

Open Source Applications

  • Magnolia - Simple Open-Source Content Managment

  • JBoss Portal - Open source and open standards Java Portal

  • JBoss Drools - Business Logic integration Platform

  • jLibrary - Document Management System oriented for personal and enterprise use

  • Liferay Portal - Open source portal platform

  • Nuxeo 5 - Open source framework for ECM applications

  • Hippo ECM Scaling Content Management platform, including repository, CMS and portal building blocks

  • OpenKM - Open Source Document Management System

  • Sakai - enterprise-ready collaboration and courseware management platform.

  • Archimede - Open Source Document Management System based on Jackrabbit

  • Artifactory - Maven2 proxy repository based on JCR (using Jackrabbit as the implementation)

  • Sun's OpenPortal Project will soon have CMS infrastructure based on Jackrabbit according to this Sun Blog

  • JCRSync - JCR synchronisation service using Funambol and SyncML

  • QuickWCM - Web Content Manager (WCM) with a very easy to use web-based interface

  • swecr - Semantic Web Content Repository

  • Mindquarry - The Open Source Collaborative Software

  • JBoss Shotoku - Content Repository Framework

  • Apogee Rich Client Platform for ECM mentions JCR as a nice to have, not sure if they support it already

  • Ametys CMS using Jackrabbit for content storage

  • JeCARS Java Extendable Contents And Rights System. Contains a generic JCR backup tool (JeCARS BackupTool).

  • Mule's (Open Source Enterprise Service Bus) JCR transport. Have a look at this article.

  • Igenko Igenko is an open source CMS and eCommerce solution, natively designed with REST principles, extensibility and Rich Internet Application in mind.

  • ETICS ETICS provides a service to help software developers, managers and users to better manage complexity and improve the quality of their software.

  • Wyona Yanel - Content Managment System/Framework

  • BRIX CMS - based on Wicket and Jackrabbit.

  • ControlTier - Framework/Toolset for automating the release, deployment, and control of multi-tier applications.

  • Gluebox - Eclipse based information management application

  • JSPWiki - JSPWiki 3.0 (in Apache Incubation) uses JCR as content backend.

  • Engroup - A AIR-Flex(frontend) / Java(backend)groupware application provides collaboration solutions for enterprise.

  • Silverpeas the libre Collaborative Portal Solution uses Jackrabbit for storage and webdav direct edition.

Open Source Tools and Libraries

An overview of JCR explorer tools can be found in this article JCR Tools Roundup.

Commercial Tools

Commercial Applications

Custom Built Applications

Other JCR implementations

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