The September hackathon will be co-located with .adaptTo() 2012 - Berlin. It will start Tuesday September 25 at 9:00 (one day before the conference starts). In this hackathon we want to improve the Oak code base, but also give an opportunity for newcomers to learn about the project and take first steps. If there is interest the Oak hackathon can be extended as a side track during the whole conference.


pro!vision GmbH
Wilmersdorfer Str. 50
10627 Berlin

NOTE: this is not the same location as where .adaptTo() Berlin will take place later the same week.

To find the entrance to pro!vision's offices I was given the following advice: "the entrance is directly beside 'Deichmann' and above it reads 'Techniker Krankenkasse'". The way to our meeting room in the 1st floor will be signposted.



Please add your wiki name to the list if you intent to participate.

Write access to this wiki is unfortunately restricted to approved accounts only due to spamming, so if you don't have write access, send a message to oak-dev@ so we can add you to the above list and/or grant you write access.

Topics and goals

The hackthon goals will depend on participants' interests and will be decided on site. Potential topics are:


Summary of the Hackathon

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