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Financial management with the development of China's market economy, in the management of various enterprises play an increasingly important role, gradually play a central role can not be replaced. For large enterprise groups, the more important financial management, financial management system, the establishment of enterprise groups will be directly affected by the impact of management and directly affect the management efficiency and economic benefit. Under the current operating environment to select the best financial management, financial management system uses the best, enterprise management objectives, suit organizational information development of Xu Yao, is a Zhideyanjiu and discuss the issue.

Second, analysis of enterprise financial management system requirements

Use of established network of public corporate enterprise financial systems, budgeting, charging policy basis, standards and scope for the enterprise and customers check account balance, to provide workers for the wages of workers, allowance payment, tax withholding and so on. Staff can be authenticated sign-on system, and quickly about the required financial information. Financial officers do not have to hand write a receipt, a receipt written by printing to achieve the completion of the process to reduce the workload and improve the business level. Financial officers to provide information at any time outside, so the user can check the website at any time to the financial information needed to. At the same time financial officers also provide the basis for leadership decision-making to improve enterprise management, control production costs, standardize management processes to enhance responsiveness to market changes.

Third, enterprise financial management system

(A) of the design principles
Enterprise Management Di choice should be in the right overall development strategy, Jingyingqingkuang, corporate types and subsidiaries Jin Hang on for the systematic analysis of Ji Chu, Tong Shi Ying fully Genju enterprise development need to design their own financial management. Design must abide by the following principles:
1. Safety
Security into the system of internal security, access security and docking with other security systems. Internal security embodied in the system database security, and shielding illegal data available through the firewall, divided into segments to prevent the destruction of illegal procedures on the database, the database to plan, backup, and data entry verification, on the content does not meet the conditions suggest changes to screen for illegal data. Access security embodied in the various departments and individual users according to security policy management to group management, access control groups, and information flow. Connections with other systems, it is necessary to ensure the security of internal data, internal and external information channel isolation, but also on the external information resources access control. To ensure the normal operation of the whole system is bound to ensure the system is absolutely safe and reliable information.
2. Practicability
Financial information management system is a project, not research or experimental subjects. System ultimate goal is to serve the needs of financial management and service companies to the extent permitted on the financial information needs. Systems, the applications should be. Therefore, the system design and construction should be able to meet the demands and efficiently run correctly.
3. Flexibility
System should be designed to any combination of the fuzzy query function, provides a wide range of queries to meet various reporting period. Implementation of complex data structures to be modified for a table of data to automatically amend the relevant data in the table, delete data in a table automatically delete the data associated with other tables to ensure that no redundant data in the database.
(B) Comparison and Selection of technical system
Of the 20th century the early 90s late 80s made the traditional client / server (C / S) structure is still the application systems used by mainstream technology. With the large scale application systems and users on the system performance requirements continue to increase, the traditional two-tier C / S structure of the inherent defects and deficiencies are becoming apparent: such as system maintenance difficulties, lack of security, client overload, etc. . Therefore, in the design, development system should use the latest technology the industry today - browser / server (B / S) structure. [http://www.jersey666.com] Wholesale nhl jersey