January 2008 Board Report


Summary status, with indication of items needing board attention.


No releases since the December board report.


No arrivals or departures.

We've made a lot of modifications to the web site to improve navigation and make it easier for users to find the documentation we have on the site and in the Wiki. We still need to add a useful Get Involved page and developer documentation, to lower the bar for new contributors and to spread the knowledge better among the existing committers.


Since end of December 2007, we no longer depend on Jakarta resources.

Items done:

Items still pending:

The Wiki is a minor issue and outside of our control. Once we have approved a Charter and Bylaws, we'll consider the migration complete.


We currently use Maven 2 for generating and deploying the main web site and the component specific sites, and Maven 1 for generating and deploying the HttpClient 3.1 site. There are some kinks to the Maven 2 deployment process. We will consider to move to a Subversion based deployment for the main web site. Component specific sites and the 3.1 site are typically only redeployed after releases and include extensive generated content like JavaDocs and cross-referenced sources, these make little sense in Subversion.

The release of HttpCore 4.0 beta1 is imminent. This will be a major milestone, as it marks the beginning of API stability in HttpCore. We've made significant and incompatible improvements to the API after each of the 6 alphas, and have finally reached a point where we are reasonably comfortable with it.

In HttpClient, we could resolve a long-standing deficiency in the interrupt handling of the thread-safe connection manager by using Java 5 features. The decision to upgrade the Java requirement proved really useful here.