December 2007 Board Report


There are no items needing immediate attention of the board though it is worth to note that we had two releases in the meantime and that the move to TLP is nearly done. See below for more details.


This list includes all releases since our last report as a Jakarta sub-project in September 2007.


No new committers, the PMC still has the same composition as of the date of TLP approval:

It is also worth to note that currently all active committers are also on the PMC.


We are nearly done moving out of Jakarta to our own dedicated TLP; there are still some minor things to be done but the PMC is actively working on getting everything in shape until end of the year.

Items done:

Items still in work:


After the HttpCore 4.0 alpha6 release, the Java version requirement question was raised once more by a contributor. We held a poll on the user list which showed zero interest in JDK 1.4 compatibility. We therefore upgraded the required Java version to 5.0 for everything but HttpCore-main. HttpCore-main remains compatible with Java 1.3 to facilitate a port to J2ME, if anyone wants to do that.

HttpCore alpha6 was the last alpha, but we still made significant API improvements for the upcoming beta. The parsing API was changed to use cursors, and new iterators for header values were introduced. After the upgrade of the Java requirements, module HttpNIOSSL was merged into HttpNIO. HttpNIO now makes use of generics, and has also seen some improvements and extensions of its API.

HttpClient 4.0 alpha2 was functionally mostly complete. Remaining gaps to 3.1 functionality are NTLM authentication and multipart request entities. NTLM authentication will be provided in a separate module. We still have to figure out whether we can host that module on Apache, since it will depend on L-GPL licensed jCIFS. None of the developers wants to maintain the NTLMv1 code from HttpClient 3.1. A multipart request entity is used for file uploads, and for extendend protocols like WebDAV. Since we currently focus our efforts on HTTP, multipart is somewhat out of scope. Other projects provide multipart parsing functionality, but not the formatting we would need. It seems most likely that multipart formatting code will end up in some contrib package, which is officially unsupported but will work. The alpha3 release is still a long way to go. We've upgraded the code to make use of Java 5 generics. Other Java 5 features will be used too, for example in connection management. The thread-safe connection manager still needs some internal refactoring. Improvements to the client API can be expected all over the place.

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