Use Cases Sandbox

This is our sandbox for UseCases. If you want to share your use case with us, the easiest way is to edit this page and add a section with a sentence or two. Just tell us what purpose you want to achieve through the HTTP protocol, or what part of the HttpClient you would like to use in a different way than we might expect. If you notice that someone else describes your use case in the sandbox, feel free to add a "mee too" notice there. If you've got the time, you can also check out the UseCases that have already graduated from the sandbox. But don't worry about entering a duplicate. We'd rather hear about use cases several times than miss one.

If you want to tell us a little more than just a few words about your use case, you can create an extra page for it. An extra page will allow others to edit here while you are editing there. First, think of a WikiName for your use case. Then edit this page by putting in a link to UseCases/SandBox/<your-wiki-name>. Save your changes, then follow the new link. Please select the SimpleUseCaseTemplate to create the new page. When you're done with editing, don't forget to save your changes to the new page, too.

Extra Pages


Use Cases

Follow Redirects

When I access a URL, I have to follow redirects like a browser does. It would be great if HttpClient did that automatically.

WebDAV client

Need to use the Slide extensions to HttpClient to access WebDAV servers.

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