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Building, Signing, Uploading and Deploying Slide Distributions

Building Distributions

Binary and Source

  1. Check out the release branch from CVS
  2. Create a Tag for the release (SLIDE_${VERSION}_RELEASE)
  3. Run the release target in build.xml. This will create release files in dist/release/${version}.

Tomcat Bundle

  1. Modify build.properties: catalina.dist must point to a clean Tomcat 5 installation.
  2. Run the clean target then the jaas-deploy-tomcat-5 target.

  3. Rename the tomcat install to jakarta-slide-${version}-tomcat-${tomcat-version}.

  4. Create zip and tar.gz packages of the tomcat install.

Signing and MD5

First of all you need a key that must be added to the KEYS file in the download directory (on cvs.apache.org in /www/www.apache.org/dist/jakarta/slide). If you're using gpg you can generate this key by running gpg --gen-key. Then execute the following in the directories containing the distributions:

  • for i in *.zip; do gpg --output $i.asc --detach-sig --armor $i; done
  • for i in *.gz; do gpg --output $i.asc --detach-sig --armor $i; done
  • for i in *.zip; do openssl md5 $i >$i.md5; done

  • for i in *.gz; do openssl md5 $i >$i.md5; done


Use scp or scopy or whatever ssh copy tool you have and copy the distributions to cvs.apache.org. Final distributions need to be placed in /www/www.apache.org/dist/jakarta/slide and README.htmls need to be updated. Non final distributions, i.e. milestones, betas and release candidates, should be placed in /www/cvs.apache.org/dist/jakarta/slide and README.htmls should be updated just the same.

Important: Rights and groups on distributions

  • group: jakarta
  • read access for everyone
  • full access for group

Updating Download Pages

You will have to update both the Slide at http://jakarta.apache.org/slide/download.html as well as the Jakarta Download pages at http://jakarta.apache.org/site/binindex.cgi and http://jakarta.apache.org/site/sourceindex.cgi to point to the new distributions. Both work by checking out the respective project (for site it is jakarta-site2; be sure to use site2), update the documentation sources, run the doc ant target, check in the changed desitnation docs and update them (also using CVS) in the directories for the pages. For Slide this is in /www/jakarta.apache.org/slide, for site it is in /www/jakarta.apache.org/site. See http://jakarta.apache.org/site/jakarta-site2.html for longer instructions. To update the jakarta download pages you will need karma to the jakarta-site2 module. You can request this on the general@ list.

NOTE: For Slide, after running the doc ant target you will need to manually copy the changed files from build/doc to docs. Also, the documentation on the website is from CVS HEAD, not from any of the release branches.

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